Royal Amboise

To discover our 5 star hotel

From our 5 star hotel, you’ll be able to explore the charming towns and villages along the banks of the Loire. Just 10 minutes from the Château de Noizay, the royal town of Amboise is nicknamed “la ville aux mille merveilles” (town of a thousand wonders). Here you can both dive into French history and savour old-fashioned paved streets. You’ll be able to visit the château overlooking the Loire where Charles VIII and Francis I lived, and wander into the panoramic gardens that offer an excellent view over the royal river. Then, take a walk to the Château du Clos Lucé, the last home of Leonardo da Vinci, or take the small train by the foot of the castle.

Just 3 km to the south of the town is the Chanteloup Pagoda, a novelty of the 19th century and the only remnant of the castle of the Duc de Choiseul, minister to Louis XIV. From there, enjoy a superb panorama over the Loire Valley and Amboise Forest. 

After having enjoyed the royal town, indulge in a well-earned break at our gourmet restaurant, located between Amboise and Tours along the Vouvray Wine Route.