A Charming Hotel Amid
the Castles of the Loire Valley

A Protestant stronghold during the Amboise Conspiracy of 1560, this magnificent 16th century château is steeped in history yet boasts all the comforts of a modern hotel.

Originally erected in the 16th century, the Chateau de Noizay was rebuilt on 1514 by Georges de Vercle and Andree, Dame de Noizay, with its completion on 1540 on the site of a feudal castle that had been there since the 12th century. The chateau’s history was marked by the religious wars between Protestants and Catholics when it was the stage of key episodes during the Amboise Conspiracy.

The Conspirator’s Headquarters

In 1560, when King Francis II was still a minor, the Protestants, influenced by the Prince of Condé, plotted to abduct the young king who was under the influence of the Guise family. The Prince of Condé chose Godefroy de Barry, Lord of La Renaudie as leader of this plot and a Lord by the name of Charles de Castelnau to lead the troops.

The Duke of Guise, frightened by this news, gathered his troops and re-located the young king and his court from the Château de Blois to Amboise, which was easier to defend. It was at this point that the Château de Noizay made its entrance into French history.

The conspirators chose this chateau as their headquarters because of its proximity to Amboise, but the increasing, detailed rumors of their plot and location became their downfall. In light of all this information, the Duke of Guise ordered the Duke of Nemours to lay siege to the Château de Noizay and stop this at once. After a bloody battle, La Renaudie was injured by an arrow from a crossbow and was brought back to the court of Amboise, along with his co-conspirators, to be hanged. From the castle’s entrance and nearby trees, overlooking the Loire, their bodies were displayed as an example to all to see

The Château de Noizay Today

Since then, Château de Noizay has become the scene of less bloody adventures. Over the centuries, it has represented the sweetness of life in Touraine, the land of French kings. Thus it’s belonged to different families through out the years until the mid-18th century when it was restored after enduring a blazing fire.

Spanning the ages without taking a wrinkle, it was redecorated in 1989 to become this charming private residence transformed into a 5-Star Hotel near Amboise while keeping its stamp of ancient years. At the main entrance there is a wooden spiral staircase illuminated by the stained glass windows portraying Godefroy de Barry, Lord of La Renaudie and Lord Charles de Castelnau.