√ Hotel Chateau de Noizay Val de Loire Loire
Hotel Chateau de Noizay

Saddle of rabbit flavoured with origan, stuffing of mushrooms, bacon and onions


Lobster ravioles citrus and pink Champagne
(Supplement of €.6.00 if you take in a menu)


La Lisette, Cucumber and yuzu


Foie Gras terrine, passion fruit and chocolate

La Carte : MEAL
Le Merlu
Thick steak of hake, with fennel

Le Saint Pierre
John Dory Thaï, paï-choï way…
(Supplement of€.5.00 if you take in a menu)


La Cannette
Duckling pan seared, turnip and blackcurrant


Le Pigeon de Racan
Pigeon smoked on hay then pan seared, mini corn and crozets
(Supplement of €5.00 if you take in a menu)

La Carte : CHEESE

Brie Cheese

Our Cheese Trolley
La Carte : Desserts
Banana - Avocado


La Pomme « c’est Trognon »
Crunchy, caramelized sweet and green apple sorbet


Lemon and Meringue
« La Libre Expression »
A la carte Rates

Make your own choice a la Carte according
to your desires…

« La Liberté »


You compose by your own your menu based on
one entrance, one plate and one desert …


According to the inspirations and the seasons,
our Chef Frederic Collin may modify and suggest you some new plates to prepare you one
“Menu Dégustation”


« Cette cuisine est un monde dont la cheminée est le soleil »
Victor Hugo