Hotel Chateau de Noizay

Saddle of rabbit flavoured with origan, stuffing of mushrooms, bacon and onions


Lobster ravioles citrus and pink Champagne
(Supplement of €.6.00 if you take in a menu)


La Lisette, Cucumber and yuzu


Foie Gras terrine, passion fruit and chocolate

La Carte : MEAL
Le Merlu
Thick steak of hake, with fennel

Le Saint Pierre
John Dory Thaï, paï-choï way…
(Supplement of€.5.00 if you take in a menu)


La Cannette
Duckling pan seared, turnip and blackcurrant


Le Pigeon de Racan
Pigeon smoked on hay then pan seared, mini corn and crozets
(Supplement of €5.00 if you take in a menu)

La Carte : CHEESE

Brie Cheese

Our Cheese Trolley
La Carte : Desserts
Banana - Avocado


La Pomme « c’est Trognon »
Crunchy, caramelized sweet and green apple sorbet


Lemon and Meringue
« La Libre Expression »
A la carte Rates

Make your own choice a la Carte according
to your desires…

« La Liberté »


You compose by your own your menu based on
one entrance, one plate and one desert …


According to the inspirations and the seasons,
our Chef Frederic Collin may modify and suggest you some new plates to prepare you one
“Menu Dégustation”


« Cette cuisine est un monde dont la cheminée est le soleil »
Victor Hugo